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The third issue of Momma Tried. This issue interfaces with our free augmented reality app, Program Synthesis, which can be found at: https://programsynthesis.net

In the narrative of the Momma Tried universe, Program Synthesis is a dark network that hosts the consciousness of media that have become sentient. Program Synthesis interacts with your physical copy of Issue 3 via the app's augmented reality camera, activating pages that contain transmissions from Momma. 

In this issue you'll find 160 pages of art, writing, and nude editorials, including contributions from:

Future Fantasy Delight
Lil Internet
Amaryllis DeJesus Moleski
Michael Poster
Joseph Sobel
Bob Weisz
Lori Tipton
Agustin Hernandez
Robert Ek
Tiffany Bozic
Joshua Edward Bennett
Z Behl
Akrum Salem
Kate Durbin
Adam Biles
Angela Genusa
Anne Boyer
Rae Faust
David Sanchez
Joseph Mosconi

Printed in full color and perfect bound in a limited edition of 1000. Published in New Orleans.